How to install IviewHD IPTV on Smart TV?

IPTV(Internet Protocol Television) is a transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It offers TV shows and other video content. If you want to set up IviewHD IPTV on your smart TV, you can do it.   It lets you watch all kinds of sports and VOD movies on your smart TV.  

Most users, but, prefer IPTV on their smart TVS because of its features and widescreen effect. which they can use to stream their favorite TV shows, movies and sporting events. If you want to set up IviewHD IPTV on your smart TV, scroll down and I'll tell you all about it!


Most smart TVS run on the Android operating system, so apps developed for that platform can run on smart TVS without problem. In this article, I discuss how to install IPTV services.

How to install the iviewHD IPTV APK on Smart TV set ( for exsample Samsung and LG)

Smart TV is a new generation of the TV with integrated Internet, so it allows users to access streaming music and video, browse the Internet and view photos. In recent years, with the rapid development of IPTV service, smart TV is a piece of indispensable equipment to obtain this service. In this article, I will show you how to install IPTV on your Smart TV.

If you have a smart TV and want to know how to choose IPTV serviceiviewHD IPTV Streaming is the ideal choice. IView APK is the IPTV player of the iView TV service. As a result, you can easily access all IPTV channels of iviewHD, including live channel and VOD channel. Now, some steps to set up the iView APK are as follows.

Download the app

Step 1Allow/enable Apps from Unknown Source in your smart TV ‘settings‘

Step 2 Get an iviewHD IPTV Trial/Subscription


If you don't subscribe to the iViewHD IPTV service, you need to go to the website for a paid subscription or get a free trial.

This tutorial will help you: how to get IPTV free trial or Paid subcription

Step 3 iviewHD IPTV APK Download


Open the browser on your smart TV, enter the iviewHD website address and download it (https://www.iviewhdiptv.com)

Warning: Normal client need login, then can download. The reason we just want the client who intersted, after login then download. iviewHD APK

Launch your download application.

Step4: Open the downloaded APK file and install it
Step5: at the end of the installation. Click on the app to open it

The activation application configuration page is displayed

Step6: Open the AirTV IPTV home page

Step7: Click the ‘Settings‘ button, input your IPTV Subscription code you will get it when you purchase your subscription


Great. You have got the IPTV subscription code and downloaded the IPTV APK. To use the iviewHD IPTV Streaming, you need to start the application, click the Live button, enter the settings, and enter the iviewHD IPTV subscription code in the active code.

Congratulations, you have finished all the settings. Now, Enjoy. The iviewHD IPTV service has 1000 + live channels and 3000 + hottest VODs. Experience the best IPTV sports streaming.

The above content is how to install and set IviewHD IPTV on smart TV. Have you understood it? I hope it will be helpful to you. Now you can watch all the IPTV UK sports channels and movies you want on IviewHD IPTV. Enjoy!

(Recommend) Install iView IPTV app Manually via USB

1. Download iviewHD IPTV app

2. Extract and place on the ROOT of your USB Stick

3. Place in your SAMSUNG TV USB slot

4. Power your TV

5. Wait for the application will install


1.Is IPTV legal?

IPTV is legal, if the content provided by IPTV providers is licensed.

2.How does IPTV work?


IPTV uses an IP (Internet Protocol) network to deliver all content and TV channels to users.

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